What Are Pre-Employment Tests?

Hiring employees is difficult. How do you know you are hiring the right person? How can you systematically identify top performers? These are crucial questions employers go through when looking for their next employee.

While pre-employment tests aren’t a perfect solution, they provide structure and help standardize recruitment operations. The goal of a pre-employment test is to get a better understanding of who the applicant is. The examination can range from soft skills tests like the Myers Briggs, to harder skilled tests such as math or software questions. At the end of the day, the test should more accurately predict a job candidate’s ability to perform in his or her position.

What’s wrong with traditional hiring practices?

The most common hiring workflow today can be generalized into the following steps (could be more or less steps depending on your company):

  1. Candidate submits resume
  2. Employer scans through hundreds of applicants, spending an average of 6 seconds per resume
  3. Employer conducts phone screen with prospective job candidates
  4. Candidates that pass the phone screen move to the on-site interview
  5. Employer finds none of the candidates that came on-site are qualified. Steps 3 to 5 are repeated

In the simplified hiring process above, a tremendous amount of time is wasted because job applicants weren’t qualified. Resumes are often poor indicators of quality employees, and additional screening may be needed. We at EmployBlue believe pre-employment tests would help solve this issue. By adding a pre-hire assessment, employers can screen and weed out applicants that don’t match the job qualifications. Our custom pre-employment skills testing platform aims to give employers the option to customize each test to each job. Specialized role-specific testing helps identify quality job applicants that fit the company mould. In return, the time savings would save the company money and allow for more complex hiring initiatives.

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