Finding The Perfect Job Testing Tool

Hiring the right person for a job is always a top priority. A good employee not only has a great personality, but has the skills to excel in the role. Throughout our careers, we have searched for different pre-employment job testing solutions to help us screen candidates. Having to sift through hundreds of resumes and then manually vetting selected job candidates was not only time-consuming but costly for the company. We could have made substantial progress in our projects in the time it took to validate our first cohort of prospective hires.

The only way to properly validate job candidates was to create our own exam.

So we decided to look for ways to more easily identify higher quality job applicants. A simple Google search for “Job Testing Software” returned technical employment screening software or pre-packaged assessments. While these are useful job screening content, they don’t provide the details and specifics of the positions we were hiring for. The only way to properly validate job candidates was to create our own exam.

Further search for “Custom Job Screening Software” yielded no results. As a result, we looked into available tools.

Custom Pre-Employment Test Tools

Google Forms was the first to be considered. It provided the simple exam type questions such as multiple choice and free response, yet lacked complexity. The candidate experience for such a simple test did not impress either.

SurveyMonkey’s quiz builder was another employment testing solution considered. The platform had great exam building features and also good grading functionality. An added plus was the summary statistics of the quiz results. However, again, we found the test taker’s user interface not polished enough to represent our companies. These custom quizzes were better for surveys than exams.

After much thought, the best solution was to write a custom employment test in either Google Docs or Google Slides. This allowed us to assess job candidates on more complex topics and answers. While not as easy for the job applicant to use, we were able to provide a nice representation of the company. The drawback is the time spent grading and reviewing submissions.

This leads us to today!

Frustrated with existing tools, we decided to build EmployBlue to give job applicants and their employers an overall better hiring experience. EmployBlue supports basic exam type questions and we are constantly working on bringing more complex features. We care about functionality and design, and we placed heavy emphasis on creating a seamless beautiful experience for test takers. Other features include test timers and the ability to finely control your custom pre-employment exam. After all, this pre-employment test is one of the first interactions a prospective employee has with your company!

In our next post, we’ll go over the features of EmployBlue.

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